Would you like to take control of your finances

but don't know where to start?

Do you find personal finances boring and wish you could have fun with it? This course has a unique theme, different from the other courses about personal finances. It has been designed for Canadians by practicing advisors.

What will you learn in this course?

-Block the blows from the risks, how to invest wisely and protect your assets and income!

-Knock out your debts and taxes, how to get debt free fast and only pay fair share of tax!

-Retire like a grandmaster and not get knocked down by surprises later in life!

-And so much more…

Message from your Financial Sensei:

My name is Alireza Fadaie and I have been working in

financial industry in Canada since 2004. I have had a pleasure of

helping tens of people with their finances over the years.

You can learn all about me and read all the testimonials from my dear clients on my LinkedIn profile.

By the way I guarantee you there will never be pictures of me with a yacht, super luxury cars and etc...ever!

Step 1: Some basic info from you
Where do you live champ?
Step 2: Customer Checkout
We're Ready To get you started!
This is a small monetary investment, but you need to put time and work.

What you will get out of this course:

-You will get a personalized financial plan tailored to your unique financial situation

- The course is interactive and you can ask your questions

-You will be held accountable and kept motivated to take actions step by step

-There will be videos and slides explaining the different topics which makes it more engaging

-There will be bonus sections and videos, interviews with professionals:accountants, mortgage brokers, lawyers, counsellors, etc.

-There will be regular updates, which is just not possible to do with the book

There will not be just a bunch of pre recorded videos. We hold your hand to take action and guide you—but you have to do some work as well.

There will be no magical solution, just like there is no silver bullet in martial arts. It is hard work which we try to keep it manageable for you. There will be homework and quizzes to make sure you do your part but we help and guide you the entire way. At the end of the course, you will get a personalized, straightforward and practical financial plan.

We also help you to stay on track. Keep in mind, your financial plan is dynamic. Things change in life in a good way or bad way. You may have kids or more kids, you may get laid off, you may get disabled and be unable to earn income. Your spouse may pass away or you may get divorced. You also may start a business, double your income over time or get an inheritance.

Who is this course not for?!

  • You don't have stable employment and income!
  • You are in to conspiracy theories and don't want take responsbility for your financial situation
  • You are a gambler and not in to long term plans!
  • You don't live and work in Canada!
  • You don't want to put in the work and effort to change your habits!

What we don't teach in this course?!

  • We don't discuss crypto currencies in this course!
  • This is not a course about day trading and stock picking!
  • This is definitely not a get rich quick course!


What is the difference between this course and

other online personal finance courses?

You will get a personalized financial plan and

we help you to implement the plan. We know

there are a lot of information online, but people want action plan. We take your hand, hold you accountable, support and encourage you. You won't get some content that you have no idea what to do with.

There are many free videos on YouTube, why would I pay for an online course?

Yes there are a lot of free content. Many of them are irrelevant and many of them provide wrong information! Many are biased and mostly not specific to Canada.

Also information and personalized advice are two very different things!

We offer accurate, expert advice!

Will I be left on my own during and after the course?

Absolutely not! You have full support system to make sure you take your steps and earn your belts.

You will also get support after finishing the course and earning your black belt to make sure you stay disciplined and keep the good habits.

Why are you using color belts and martial arts as a metaphor?

Many people have had some exposure to martial arts and many have trained for some time.

We have found that people like the ranking system and it makes it intersting and motivating for them to take the necessary steps.

Get your Black Belt in Managing your money for only $390!

Any question? Send us an email:



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